Public Forum

Public Forum

Ten-day Session June 6-16, 2021. (Residential tuition $1,200, Commuter tuition $1,000) Under the direction of an experienced and successful high school Public Forum coach, this institute will provide students the opportunity to develop the skills needed for success in the growing area of Public Forum debate. 

This division is best-suited for students who have the opportunity to debate competitively in public forum during the regular academic year as students will learn the nuances of competitive public forum debate. Learn more about high school Public Forum Debate from the National Speech and Debate Association.

Quality Debate Instruction

Student Focus

  • Improve speaking skills
  • Important strategies for each speaker position
  • Early preparation for the first topic of 2021, if released
  • Learn fundamental research skills ideas to help prepare for future topics
  • Adapt to new arguments and argument strategies
  • Daily access to the instructional staff

Daily Lab Instruction

  • A lab led by award-winning high school coaches and former public forum debaters
  • Most instructional time will be spent in lab providing students the opportunity for strong skill development
  • Argument analysis, use of evidence, speaking drills, and practice debates

Practice Debates and Speeches

  • Every lab will do a minimum of 10 full practice debates
  • Focus on proven debate skill builders including mini-debates, speech re-dos, and extemp debates

Topic covered to provide a firm foundation for future topics

  • How to Construct Strong Cases
  • How to Maximize Flowing Skills
  • Strategic Rebuttal Choices
  • Best Use of Crossfire
  • Understanding the Role of the Judge