Campus Engagement

The Barkley Forum cannot serve the overall Emory vision without a robust set of programs to augment a campus culture of discussion and debate on par with its nationally recognized competitive debate and community outreach efforts.  The Barkley Forum believes that "courageous leadership" cannot exist without preparing students to participate in civil dialogue, and the Barkley Forum campus engagement initiatives seek to be at the forefront of that effort.  The initiative's campus programs are designed to brand Emory as a courageous leader through inquiry-driven ethical engagement around difficult conversations.  

The Emory Conversation Project (ECP) believes that change starts with a conversation–those spontaneous face-to-face encounters that encourage us to pause and rethink our own perspectives while contemplating those of others. The Emory Conversation Project fosters safe spaces of vulnerability and courageous compassion where students use structured dialogues to learn about our differences and build connected communities through the appreciation of similarities.

We strive to build cultural awareness/ competence through the following:

  • Questioning
  • Listening
  • Curiosity
  • Valuing Difference
  • Team Building
  • Leading Teams
  • Creating Space

The Emory Conversation Project is a facilitator training program. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Lydia Smith at

The Barkley Forum supports Being Black Emory. Being Black Emory seeks to encapsulate a variety of experience across Emory's "diverse" campus. The experiences are captured through dialogues that are aired on YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

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