The Thomas Glenn Pelham Award has been given annually since 1990 at the National Speech and Debate Tournament in recognition of devotion to the forensic arts, which teach motivation, integrity, and character.

For over 13 years, Mr. Thomas Glenn Pelham served as the director of the Barkley Forum at Emory University. He believed in the unique capability of the forensic arts to build character in the young people who participated and that constructive dialogue, conflict resolution, critical thinking, literacy, and communication skills are central to a civilized society. Mr. Pelham worked tirelessly to provide speech and debate opportunities to college and high school students and believed so strongly in recognizing educators who did the same that he established this award in his will. It is endowed by the Barkley Forum for Debate, Deliberation, and Dialogue at Emory University.

This award is given annually to someone who:
• has spent a decade or more as an educator or advocate in the high school speech and debate community
• exhibits motivation, integrity, and character
• emphasizes to speech and debate students the importance of motivation, integrity, and character above competition

Past recipients of the Thomas Glenn Pelham Award:

1990 Sandra Silvers Georgia
1991 James M. Copeland Arizona
1992 Frank Sferra Colorado
1993 Daryl Fisher Louisiana
1994 Greg Varley New York
1995 Paula Nettles Georgia
1996 Dr. Jane Eldridge Tennessee
1997 Timothy C. Averill Massachusetts
1998 Lanny D. Naegelin Texas
1999 Glenda Ferguson Oklahoma
2000 William (Billy) W. Tate, Jr. Tennessee
2001 David Baker Texas
2002 Dr. Tommie Lindsey, Jr. California
2003 Betty J. Maddox Georgia
2004 Michelle Coody Alabama
2005 Pam Cady Wycoff Minnesota
2006 Kandi King Texas
2007 Bertha (Betty) Whitlock Texas
2009 Warren Sprouse Iowa
2010 Eric DiMichele New York
2011 Cynthia Timmons Texas
2012 Dr. Richard Edwards Texas
2013 Tara Tate Illinois
2014 Lisa Miller Florida
2015 Aaron Timmons Texas
2016 Jonathan Alston New Jersey
2017 Greg Malis Louisiana
2018 Shuntá Jordan Georgia
2019 Jay Rye  Alabama
2020 Jane Boyd Texas
2021 Nicole Wanzer-Serrano NSDA
2022 Dr. Sandra Berkowitz Minnesota
2023 Mario Herrera Georgia

Barkley Forum Senior Director Ed Lee presents the 2021 Thomas Glenn Pelham Award to Nicole Wanzer-Serrano of the National Speech and Debate Association